From July 25 - August 10, 2018 the OeAD-Housing Office, in cooperation with the “Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie” will host its own summer university under the working title of “Alternative Economic and Monetary Systems” for the fifth time.

The academic program is open for students of all branches and professionals and offers a critical assessment of present ideas and models for economic and financial reform, with special regard for current ecological and social developments and future leeway.

The question of alternative and innovative models of a sustainable finance or business system is the thematic starting point. The participants encounter new ideas and fresh approaches and deepen their knowledge in the course of presentations, workshops and discussion rounds with high-caliber participants.
"Alternative Economic and Monetary Systems. The economy of the future” aims to offer solutions and provides the opportunity to link theoretical approaches to complex topics with subject-specific content from different scientific disciplines. Lectures, workshops and discussion panels help students acquire a deeper understanding of the intricate interactions of "society" and "economy":

Alternative economic and monetary systems that are currently being developed in response to economic, financial, environmental and social crisis and show promising long-term perspectives for a partial or complete reorganization of global, regional and local economies.

Ecologic sustainability: The actual options regarding the long-term management of natural resources on the local, regional and global scale.

Business ethics, corporate social responsibility and consumerism, solidarity and the common good – what needs to change and how do we change it in order to reduce or reverse current problems of economy, society and environment.

Complementary to the summer university, a film program as well as several discussion rounds with representatives from the areas of politics, business and science target a broader audience. These events, as well as the summer university itself, are aimed at enabling an intense discussion of various approaches.

2017 saw the 4th installment of the summer school with 54 participants from 30 different countries.

For more information, check:

AEMS Flyer 2018AEMS Flyer 2018

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