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We love sports and support the dodgeball team Nasty Nutcrackers.

Are you a fan of dodgeball? Here is your chance to see the team in action:

Dodgeball Beachcup


The Dodgeball Beach Cup is back and you can be part of it!

Aren't you also tired of the semester and ready for summer, sun, fun and sports?

We have the perfect event waiting for you: grab your teammates and enjoy a day at the lakeside, followed by an unique afterparty at night.

Besides 2 amazing Dodgeball tournaments there will be tons of sideactions:

Style Award, Strong Team Contest, Arrow Tag, Bubble Soccer, etc

WHERE: Podersdorf/See
WHEN: June, 2nd 2018
WHAT: Dodgeball FUN & PRO Edition
  • 6 players per team (min. 2 girls)
  • 3 balls
  • endless FUN :)
For further information and registration click HERE
(Attention: limited spots)

Don't miss this unique event - we're looking forward to seeing you there :)

Nasty Nutcrackers

Dodgeball Austria

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