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The OeAD-Housing Office sees itself as a service-oriented company that provides OeAD fellows, visiting professors, students and researchers from around the world with adequate accommodation. The OeAD-Housing Office is a company whose financial and economic exclusively consists in breaking even.
In Austria's university towns, we currently provide accommodation to 12,000 international students and visiting scholars -  one of the most important requirement for a successful, enriching and positive step towards intellectual and personal development.

Our quest to contribute more than a home to the international exchange of knowledge is based on the following pillars:

Student satisfaction is our primary concern: Offers are always arranged to meet the needs of students and professors the best possible way. Feedback mechanisms allow us a deep insight into the needs of each individual.

Create competence in Austria and carry it into the world: In close cooperation with the OeAD we also enable an academic stay in Austria to those students, whose enormous intellectual potential often suffers from a lack of financial resources of their home country.

Subsequent generations mean a lot to us: Due to an ecologically oriented construction method, we actively reduce the environmental footprint of our guesthouses, allow students an insight into the benefits of responsible building, and thus contribute to raising the next generation's awareness.

Close cooperation with universities provides us with optimal management of resources: Thanks to many years of cooperation with Austrian and international universities, colleges, research institutions and various educational institutions we know all about the demands made on us and are consequently perfectly prepared for them.

Well-being included: Austrian university cities are sites offering a sense of well-being. Only an environment characterized by security, satisfaction and friendliness enables excellent intellectual achievements. Therefore, it is exactly those attributes that distinguish your accommodation and make our guests feel at home.

Only satisfied employees can provide positive and goal-oriented solutions: Through collaborative leadership practices and open communication structures we create a customer-focused and productive work environment.

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The OeAD-Housing Office offers accommodation for about 12,000 students annually in OeAD-Guesthouses and other student accommodations in Vienna, Graz, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Linz and Klagenfurt.
They enjoy all the nature, culture, events and regional cuisine that Austria has to offer.

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